Tuesday, February 13, 2007

When good mailing lists go bad

How did these reach our mailbox? One is for TheLadders.com, for employment paying $100K and up. The "free" page that asks for registration has, as its sole FAQ, "what if I make less than $75K?" and there are other unintentionally comical features of this site, including The Seven Deadly Sins of Interviewing, to which visitors are encouraged to contribute. I don't feel sorry about this mailing, but I do about the one selling a full line of clamping tools, exerting pressure ranging from 20 to a thousand pounds. It directs me to the clampfinder page, which is, in fact, very interesting. I want to relearn the very basic carpentry I knew as a kid and then go beyond it to the cabinet-making and joinery that I merely observed. I dislike the smell of metal (and anyone who says it doesn't smell doesn't have a good smeller, because the different ones do, and distinguish themselves from one another in that way among others) but I love the smell of wood, which also varies in scent as it does in appearance. I think that compilers of mailing lists become confused by the odd assortment of periodicals received by subscription.


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