Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wanted: music

I used to own Slim Harpo's Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu, among others of his recordings. I think that SRV or Lou Ann Barton or both of them also recorded this song or used to include it in their set lists (turns out to be them recording together, two versions included in a 1977 release). The only Slim Harpo I can find these days is Scratch My Back. Anyhow, I heard Te-Ni-Nee-Ni-Nu on the radio accompanied by a sort of combined Stax-Volt and original Slim Harpo bass line. And now I've learned that this is by Southern Culture on the Skids. Other recent detective work brought us to Diana Reyes, just missed at the rodeo (she was there on March 18). It's a shame that most radio stations don't bother to announce what they're playing. (We couldn't find Aire; Como una Mariposa was the song that helped us find her). I hope she brought a big banda and that there was a good turnout. Now if I could only find Ray Price singing ranchera songs. And we won't be able to get out to hear SCOTS at the Continental. The songs by a female vocalist backed by a banda that aren't by Diana Reyes turn out to be by Jenni Rivera. Now we know.


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