Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Delights of darkness

This article is all too brief ("The Dark Side," by David Owen, The New Yorker, August 20, 2007; page 28). He points out that "security lights" aren't helpful, and why, although people believe otherwise. I like this site called Selene (Greek goddess of the moon) that promotes legislation in New York State to combat light trespass. The David Owen article points out how costly the misdirection and misuse of artificial light can be and how thrifty it is to change common practices. I check in periodically at Dark Sky. Austin has an ordinance regarding light trespass, but it's not enforced. Austin skies are red and too bright all night long. One of the saddest things claimed in the Owen article is that most Americans have never seen the Milky Way. We sit out until and past the time it gets dark every night all the year round.


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