Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ideas of greatness

I was dusting a book that belonged to my younger grandfather (the one born in 1889; the other one was born in 1845). The book is called True Stories of Great Americans for Young Americans. Cyrus Field is the most recent great American included. At least one edition of this book, said to have been first published in 1898, has been reprinted (some reprintings have omitted original chapters and added ones about women; the book is, of course, out of copyright) and even made into an audiobook for the home-schooled kids of today. This picture is quite a bit smaller than the original; it says "Lincoln, rail splitter." Lee and Grant have their due as well. There's nothing to say who was the publisher (Eaton & Maines?). This one and the other three were cheap to begin with and the Aunt Charlotte Bible Stories book and the retold Leatherstocking Tales have been loved to death by all the kids who treasured them, including me.


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