Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Canny love

The label was attractive, but I resisted the purchase. The can was metal and large, but I resisted the purchase. Resisted, that is, until the next time the end-cap display in the H-E-B caught my eye. And that's how a 34.5-ounce can of "S and W Mellow'd Roast Coffee Ground Coffee Blend for All Coffeemakers" came into the house. We grind our own beans, but this ground coffee is an excellent roast, so we've been using it when we're temporarily out of the beans (Ruta Maya Columbian plus Eight O'clock in a secret proportion) that go into our own curent house blend. We would have bought more of this mysterious coffee, and not just for the can, but it hasn't been seen since. When I went to the Coffee Holdings site, I found S and W blends galore, but not this particular one with its great colors and letter-forms that could be vintage or could be just retro modern-day evocations of a late 'Thirties or 'Forties moderne esthetic. Maybe this coffee was bought in a lot by H-E-B following a label change or maybe it was a custom blend with some remainders. Digging more, I discover that Mellow'd Roast, although not found on the site from the home page, was found via a Google search. Here's the front of the label.


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