Monday, May 12, 2008

Old-timers return

We've been happy to enjoy the biggest remaining stand of oleanders that we know, those resplendent at the pitch and putt at Butler. Even there, though, some appear to be suffering from the mysterious blight that has taken so many. I'd never choose to plant oleanders, but I do enjoy the ones we have. There used to be three, but one succumbed to the blight. One of the two remaining is a sprig from the one that died, planted in a sunnier spot and quite a distance away. Thus far, it seems to thrive, producing flowers of the most common color, a deep sort of magenta. The other is one seen in many older Austin yards, producing a buttery-colored flower that's not white, but not quite yellow, either. We noticed the oleanders at Butler and then came home and found ours blooming, too. I never see oleanders in any of the nurseries these days. They've gone completely out of fashion.


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