Saturday, June 14, 2008


The intention was to see the new Hindi comedy but when we got there we, along with many others, were surprised to find that a movie from a non-Hindi-speaking part of India was showing. In our experience, only Hindi movies have English subtitles; anyhow, whichever this was had no subtitles. We, along with other disappointed people, saw the Indiana Jones movie instead. It was clear right away that the supposed Nevada locations were in New Mexico. No locations were credited to the Grants area, but the production design appropriated the notion of the good old Uranium Cafe in Grants. And then there was New Haven, lots and lots of New Haven, with every street and every building a recognizable one. The Uranium Cafe used to serve down-home food and Chinese food. Obviously, the plan in the first place wasn't to see the Indiana Jones movie, but I'm not sorry that we did. Lots of it isn't good, but lots of it is plenty of fun nevertheless.


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