Tuesday, May 20, 2008


We still have a few Drummond's phlox and one or two each of half a dozen varieties of sweet pea. Leftover nasturtiums are blooming again. So are milkweeds, of both colors. Delphiniums are too many to count. There are even still a few poppies. Fennel, chives, and oregano are in bloom. We have original cosmos and Bright Lights. There are two small French marigold flowers of some sort. Black-eyed Susans, even the ones beaten to the ground, are covered with giant flowers. There are still plenty of firewheels and bachelor buttons. The last of the buds on the hollyhock stalk are about to open. The potted geraniums are very handsome. Zinnias are doing well by us. Lantana, two kinds of oleanders, and three kinds of rose of Sharon are blossoming. The first of the Turk's cap flowers are here. In pots are gazania and sweet William. We're seeing squash blossoms. We have more and more four o'clocks. I feel as though I've overlooked something, but I can't think what. When the heat's really upon us, it'll be interesting to see what holds up.


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