Saturday, February 07, 2009

February 1980 books read

Virginia Woolf: Letters. volume 3, 1923-28
Virginia Woolf: Letters, volume 4, 1929-31
Gerald Brenan: Thoughts in a Dry Season
Shirley Hazzard: Cliffs of Fall
Elizabeth Bowen: The Last September
Barbara Pym: Excellent Women
George Eliot: The Mill on the Floss
E. B. White, Letters of
Malcolm Cowley: A Many-Windowed House
Horage Gregory: The House on Jefferson Street
Gene B. Williams: The Homeowner's Pest Extermination Handbook
Peter A. Dickinson: Sunbelt Retirement
Janet Burroway: Raw Wilk

1980 evidently was a leap-year, and the above is certainly an odd assortment of books. I remember my first copy of The Mill on the Floss: it was a Pocket Library paperback, sporting a very pink cover; at the same time, I bought a PL paperback of Adam Bede, with a sort of pastel mint-green cover. I still have these; they cost fifty cents apiece. I'm glad that I read them before school tried to ruin George Eliot for everybody by wringing all the pleasure out of Silas Marner. GE number four that I read was Middlemarch, her greatest.


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