Wednesday, May 06, 2009

May 1978 books read

This is a continuing transcription of a hand-written record recently unearthed.

M.F.K. Fisher: The Art of Eating
Gerda Lerner: The Grimke Sisters from South Carolina
Margaret Halsey: With Malice Toward Some
Gustave Flaubert: The Sentimental Education
Thomas Hardy: Desperate Remedies
James Agee: Agee on Film
Randall Jarrell: Pictures from an Institution
Evelyn Waugh: Vile Bodies
Evely Waugh: Decline and Fall
Evelyn Waugh: A Handful of Dust
Evelyn Waugh: Scoop
Anthony Powell: A Question of Upbringing

I never think of Scoop without recalling the cleft stick.


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