Sunday, October 18, 2009

Morning glories, butterflies, and Bob Wills

We're growing every sort of morning glory found on the seed-racks. Many of them are old varieties put on the market again by Burpee. The first picture here doesn't capture their appearance with any justice, but there are giant saucer-sized flowers with varied intensely blue striations against white that are really spectacular, larger than moonflowers. There are monarchs in the yard again today, along with several other kinds of butterflies. We found a caterpillar who had been denuding the pepper and chile plants. It wasn't distinctive enough for us to identify it. Just as the larval form called the parsleyworm smells of the fennel leaves that it consumes around here, this one emitted the nutty aroma of pepper leaves with perhaps just a bit of basil. We're doing a lot of cooking and reading, accompanied by the Bob Wills Tiffany transcriptions, acquired cheaply and heard for the first time in their entirety. I'd never known any version of "I'm Putting All My Eggs in One Basket" other than Fred Astaire's, which we hear often (did Ella do one?), but there's one here that's fun, although brief.


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