Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scarlet on top

I saw so many of them so close that I could describe every characteristic, even though I couldn't remember what they're called. First, I heard a high, faint whistling call. As I stood still trying to see what made the noise, I realized that the tiny birds were all around me, among the butterflies and honeybees in the loquat flowers. The birds were all all levels, from my knees to just above my head. I could have touched some of them, have I dared to move and been quick enough. I could look down and see the large scarlet patch on atop the head of a male within a foot of me. Ruby-crowned kinglets! I'm so glad that they dropped in and that I stopped by and saw them. That's what I call a lunch-time treat! (Here are some good backyard close-ups, although the ruby is not displayed in full splendor.)


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