Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where did they go?

It appears that all surviving examples of accordion-pleated plastic rain bonnets are now for sale on eBay. I remember that they counted as hats for church-going (just as those silly little round doily-like items did), that older women who rode the bus always had one in their handbag ready for downpour emergencies, that they came in a little soft plastic case, that some were clear and some were more gray and some even sported little gold printed allover designs on them, and that they were often available with ads on the case from banks, car dealerships, and the like. Their existence as giveaways is something that I was beginning to think I had not remembered correctly, since others I've asked about these don't recall that aspect of their existence, which is documented on eBay. I'm not talking about the plastic rain hats with the seam and the sort of visor, either. Very rarely, these bonnets are to be seen on older women right here in Austin, the same older women who still carry a big umbrella as a shield against the burning rays of the sun. This entry is brought to you by the House of Factoids.


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