Sunday, November 28, 2010

Conjunto pesado 1994

This poor scan of a tee-shirt is part of the continuing scan-o-rama series (click on image for larger version). It's from back when the conjunto fest was very small and intimate, under the trees at Parque Zaragoza. The legend says: "Brown Distributing * La Pena * Parque Zaragoza proudly present CONJUNTO PESADO heavy-duty conjunto." I can't find my little poster these days and am unable to read the name of the artist (bottom center) from the tee-shirt. The legend goes on to say "Sunday July 17, 1994 * 12 noon - 10 p.m. * Parque Zaragoza." Then follows a list of this appearing: Los Pinkys, Conjunto Aztlan, Henry Zimmerle y su conjunto, Johnny Degollado y su conjunto, Santiago Jimenez y su conjunto, and Valerio Longoria y so conjunto." In the early days, this was a stand-alone event with "free admission * dance contest * cash prizes." Johnny Degollado still organizes these, but they're now at Fiesta Shores, cost a little money, and form part of the Cinco de Mayo celebration, so the weather is much cooler. We still attend, as we have from the very beginning.


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