Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A hat to withstand the winds

Thanks to a catalogue from the Duluth Trading Company, I learned that Stormy Kromer caps are still being made, and in these United States. By Duluth, they're billed as "flexible fit," meaning small, medium/large, and so forth, and Duluth does not appear to offer the exact sizing of days gone by. Bean's, however, does seem to offer the traditional sizes, as does the Stormy Kromer site selling direct. This headgear, along with greenies from Johnson Woolen Mills, is a traditional part of the winter wardrobe of those who work outdoors in severe cold weather. I've never seen anyone who looks at his best in these items when the band is pulled down, but that's beside the point. Duluth also offers serious suspender buttons, strong enough for the serious suspenders required to hold up the weight of those Johnson greenies. I don't know how is is that Stormy Kromer Mercantile, manufacturer of the cap with the pull-down band, and Kromer Cap, maker of traditional railway engineer's caps, including the popular polka-dot version, are two separate enterprises. The site for the Kromer Cap outfit boasts that it's over a century old and produces union-made hats in the United States. Kromer Cap is now apparently a part of Mutual Industries, or Mutual Industries North. Johnson Woolen Mills now has an on-line presence. Woolen fabric suitable for braided rugs is still available and, along with its own products, Johnson now offers the old-style inexpensive felt crusher hat.


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