Friday, October 22, 2010

"His Service Record"

This is letterpress work on textured paper that has turned a bit yellow. Depicted are symbols representing the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Army Air Corps, along with a tank, a ship, and airborne planes. "This Book is published for the purpose of being filled in by a relative or friend of a man who is serving his country. When it has been completed, it will serve as a record of his experiences and observations during the war which the United States of America entered on December 8th, 1941." On the same page is this notice:
Copyright 1942
The Hickory Publishing Co, Inc.
141 East 25th St., New York, N. Y.

Some of the borders and emblems within seem to be from nineteenth-century steel engravings. This entry is part of the scan-o-rama series. Other such entries have been about shipping locomotives to the front in the Great War, boys in dresses (one and two), a Victorian family portrait, sheet music from the Great War, and the Pershing punitive expedition.


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