Monday, December 27, 2010

Hovering around freezing

This morning was the second in a row following a night during which the temperature dropped to the vicinity of 32 degrees. Vehicles parked under trees had no frost on their windshields; those left in more exposed positions did. Hyacinth beans in some locations are finished for the season. The same is true for cosmos and lantanas. Lantanas and hyacinth beans in more sheltered spots are fine. Chile plants in pots came indoors for the two nights; pots of herbs and asclepias had old bedsheets thrown over them and emerged in excellent condition, as did some nasturtiums (although other nasturtiums suffered at least some damage). Thunbergia alata suffered not at all, and today we enjoyed some flowers. Leaf lettuce in pots look as good as ever. Spider plants, purpleheart, and sagittaria in the ground seem to be fine, as do all the fennel plants, wherever they are. Large schefflera and sansevieria in pots on the catio were untouched by frost, so they'll stay outdoors a while longer. There was not even a skim of ice, nor were there any visible ice crystals, in the shallow plant coasters that we leave out on that porch filled with water for the creatures.


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