Monday, February 21, 2011

Present and accounted for

These were this morning in bloom for the first time this season: Carlton, Geranium, Jetfire, Montopolis and Bastrop narcissi (many, many to a stalk), and Fortissimo. There are more and more Fortune and Ice Follies flowers, along with several mysteries among daffodils, narcissi, and jonquils. There are three kinds of Dutch hyacinths opening everywhere: the magenta-ish variety and two handsome blues. We are finding that some California poppy plants survived the cold weather and that cosmos and morning glories are volunteering in several surprising locations. Delphinium seedlings are making a tentative appearance. Fennel continues to return from the root. Anemone blanda is sporting a very strong blue color this spring and is popping up everywhere. Our prettiest pots may be the ones shared by fancy lettuce and trailing nasturtium plants.


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