Thursday, February 02, 2012

Modern material culture: fan spray nozzle

These are the very best for gently watering newly germinated plants and for moistening the soil or the planting medium in pots where seeds have been planted but have not yet sprouted. On a whim, we bought one years ago (at that time for a dollar or perhaps two). We've been looking for another ever since. The old one was yellow. The new one's purple. One has straight-line ridges and the other, ridges in the form of chevrons. The original had no label; if there was a brand-name on the cardboard to which it was probably stapled or blister-packed for display, that was discarded long ago. The new one has "Orbit" in raised letters right on it. We've always called it a water-comb, because the three rows of fine spray are reminiscent of strands of hair. It's an Orbit fan spray nozzle.


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