Sunday, March 04, 2012

Trees and tulips

The ornamental pear tree is in bloom today, contrasting beautifully with the redbud flowers still open right next to it. Fig leaves unfolded two days ago. This morning we found more tulipa clusiana (blue-white inside and alternating pinky-red outside) and tulipa bakeri (Lilac Wonder) than we've seen in years. This is the best year ever for Dutch irises, at least the dark-blue ones. Sun Disc is appearing in great numbers. All the anemones are prolific and showing good endurance. Anemone blanda appears in its customary white and pale blue and pink, but there are also many strong magenta and almost navy-blue versions. There are more and more Carlton daffodils each day. Today's butterflies have so far included one monarch, quite a few gulf fritillaries, and countless common red admirals.


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