Friday, May 24, 2002

Zane Grey is the most recent range to be catalogued. Desert of Wheat still has the flap from its original dust-jacket. Here's a quote from the blurb: "A vigorous story of a man's fight to purge his blood of a hated taint and his war against the I.W.W.'s, who ruin his wheat harvest. The farmers of the great Northwest, after their wheat fields have been destroyed by the uncrupulous methods of these Bolshevists, band together to wipe out this menace." Some of these are illustrated with very corny magazine-style duotone illustrations of the era; others have stills from silent movies made from the stories. The Short-Stop is dedicated "to all the girls and all the boys who love the grand old American game" Lone Star Ranger is frequently reprinted in full facsimile.


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