Thursday, August 29, 2002

Damn! The stupid scanner is again failing to initialize. Grumble, grumble, grumble, grumble.>>>In re nothing, right now my two favorite South Austin blogs are clicheideas and xenon although I wish that Mr. Astrofish would return to showing an entire entry on one page.>>>Whenever a magazine goes under, other publications offer to take up the circulation list, hoping that they'll garner a renewal eventually. I forget what went under that More magazine began arriving here. The most recent issue had a featurette on Margaret Moser. I guess nobody's issued a press release to the AA-S. If it's been in the Chron it's been overlooked by me. In that same mag there's a feature, the title of which escapes me, that's has nearly the same morbid fascination as the old LHJ "Can This Marriage Be Saved?"--in each issue it takes someone and asks for a toiletry, perfume, or cosmetic reminiscence down through the years. In Lipstick World, Joy Behar went from Tangee to Persian Melon to white lipstick and so on. Persian Melon is still being made! It was one of the top three colors for teenagers in the early sixties. Fascinating as all these factoids are, they're destined to be seen by few, I bet, since More must have one of the lowest circulations in the biz.


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