Monday, October 28, 2002

Club Desvelado screened Jackie Chan in The Accidental Spy and a Danish item called Italian Lessons. The Jackie movie has had big and obvious cuts. Sure enough, the IMDB shows that what was released here is a much shorter version--my guess is that a lot of "humor" and filial piety stuff went out the window. We'll never know, since all that was in stock was a dubbed, and not a subtitled, version. The Danish movie, also released as "Italian for Beginners," was very funny and not at all sentimental.>>> The Hart eSlate was a surprisingly appealing voting device. Unlike a touch-screen, it provides satisfying mechanical feedback from the toothed wheel and the punch-down buttons. The screen is exceptionally clear. There was a line, with, from appearances, people of every large Austin ethnicity represented. Turnout thus far has been about double the customary numbers for the H-E-B at Congress and Oltorf.>>> TV Azteca and Pappas are now at war in court.


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