Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Candor wasn't considered a virtue in my family. Twice I've kept a record tied to time in a way. One is a reading list that was kept for several years, probably at least five and perhaps approaching ten. I've gone back and looked at this a time or two and always remember where I was living, at what job I was working, whether the book was owned or borrowed, and if owned, where bought, and if borrowed, from what library. The list was kept in two different "books." Why I stopped keeping it, I'm not sure, but I think that it was because I didn't find a third book that pleased me as much as the first two. My other journal had nothing in it about me and I've never gone back and looked at it even once. I know, though, that if and when I do read it, there will be plenty in it that I wouldn't remember at all, but for having set it down. I know this because sometimes I'll find old letters or old writings of various kinds and everything will be new to me in detail, if not in outline. The second journal covers part of life in New Mexico.


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