Saturday, November 09, 2002

Much as I enjoy other people's blogs, it's for the candor and personal oddities revealed. Mine serves only me, and then just as an indirect and allusive reminder of what was happening at the time. This has been the year of endurance and slogging through the unpleasant parts of life. It appears best for people to finish out their lives as mendicant beggars, but along the line there are a few wordly goods that wouldn't come amiss: lately it's been seming as though it would be easier to buy a new non-power, reel push lawnmower than to find somebody to sharpen the current, 30-year-old one, not to mention less expensive. The new equivalent costs about $90 dollars and has a lot of plastic parts, guaranteed for two years; the old one cost $38 and has lasted all this time.


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