Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Chronos/Cronos is from 1993. We've regretted missing it all these years, but Club Desvelado finally screened it and was glad to see it.>>>The pig boys are gone and so are all their friends, male and female. The guys all drove Suburbans or the equivalent; the girls all seemed to favor Jetta sedans, but for one, who had a Land Rover that she couldn't manage at all. No more empty cups, bottles, cigarette packs, and assorted trash of various sorts; no more drunken shouting under our windows at any hour from 10 pm to 4:30 am; no more using people's driveways to help them turn their mammoth vehicles; no more visiting fleets of 8 and more vehicles; no more blocking driveways altogether; no more running up over our curbs!>>>The pumpkins have been carved, and the traditional Breton chocolate pound cake has been baked.>>>I still don't understand why Alabama isn't hooked into the AFIS system; I don't even think there are any matching-funds requirements, maybe just a requirement to capture DNA samples on sex offenders?>>>I wonder whether the Beer Frame zine is still out there. I never could resist it at Congress Avenue Books. The Ice-O-Mat deserves it. K. says he's seen one from the old days. My favorite piece from Beer Frame was the one on the sanitary toothpick dispenser seen everywhere in Texas.>>>Ramah Navajo School Board finally has 'net access and a website being built. A commerce-type template appears to be in use and it's obviously all in the formative stage.


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