Sunday, November 03, 2002

Somebody must be leasing Spiro's on Red River; in the past three weeks or so, La Tropa F and Jaime y los Chamacos have been booked there. >>> The quest for Caritas Ranch BarBQ sauce continues. >>> Albertson's rents videos now at the rate of 99 cents for first-run items and something like 50 cents for still fairly new ones. The first time we tried to rent we were told that we needed a driver's license, a utility bill, and a check or deposit slip. So we took our Southern Union bill, a deposit slip, and the City utility bill. No go. This time we were told that what's needed in addition to the driver's license is a telephone bill and one other item showing the home telephone number. Nobody else requires more than a driver's license or something similar. I don't think that Albertson's would like any of our phone bills, either, since we"re "unlisted" by being in the directory under a name not like that of anybody actually residing at this address.


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