Thursday, November 14, 2002

Headaches hardly hever happen. Or is it 'eadaches 'ardly ever 'appen? In the present time, that is. If I came from an apoplectic family, I'd have been worried yesterday, when an out-of-body experience would have been welcome! When I used to have one, once every year or two, it was usually in the letdown following some superhuman effort, once the adrenaline was no longer needed. I never thought about them much, just tried to endure them, since their rare appearances were on weekends only (make of that what you will!). Then, once there was so much popular writing on medical subjects, it became evident that they were migraines, although there was never an "aura." The worst thing about them was always the extreme sensitivity to light, smell, and noise. At any rate, at last a new owner has become "seized in fee of and in" a certain piece of real property. At last!>>>>Graphite bows are gaining on classic bows for stringed instruments, according to a WSJ piece--all to save pernambuco wood. Everything about the classic stringed instruments seems to live and breathe, in contrast to instruments in the world of brass, and the bow is not the least of the pleasures connected with playing. Every bow, even among the cheapest, seems to feel different and behave differently from every other. The camber, the color of the horsehair, the little dot of mother-of-pearl at the frog--all part of the pleasure. Why should bows go the way of tennis rackets and the stringing for lacrosse sticks? Yuck! And not that much pernambuco wood even goes into making bows.


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