Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Dentist dread

We had good reason to dread having our teeth cleaned. The only way we manage to get it done at all is to grab the first appointment of the day, ideally the first day of the week. It's best if future appointments can be set when paying for the current one. Last time, though, all was so uncertain that we couldn't predict when we'd have free time. So we sent way, way, way too long and we almost went even longer, but luckily something opened up for both of us. We survived, but the rest of the day was shot, so we headed up to the dollar movies and saw Daddy Day Care. Steve Zahn once again added that special something. Maybe sometime we'll get to go to the movies from India shown there. On the way up to the movies, we kept passing possible lunch places, but it was already "lunch hour," which begins shortly after eleven around here these days, so some places were already crowded. K. expressed an interest in BBQ. Soon thereafter, up on Parmer, we saw a Pok-E-Jo place so we decided to try it. It was hopping, mostly with techie guys. The brisket had the fat rendered out of it and was sliced very think, which it the way it should be, but the smoke flavor did pass superficial penetration, unlike the way it did at the old Pit. Even though I like the background color of the website, it's extremely slow to load for dial-up people. We dropped in at a new store, Gandhi Bazaar, and picked up a few items. Somebody posting on the Sulekha forum liked the Gandhi Bazaar.