Sunday, August 03, 2003

La pulga

Almost every weekend we check out the ever-growing activity at the flea-market set up on the parking lot of the old Aquarius Theater. This pulga has spawned additional activity on adjacent parking lots and streets: taco trucks, small food booths, CD-sellers, etc., in addition to yard sales in the giant apartment complexes once built as cheap private housing for college students but now occupied in large part by recent immigrants from the other side of la frontera. Now Tommy Wyatt's Villager newspaper has printed a real scoop: apparently the pulga is intended to be temporary while the interior of the former moviehouse is prepared to be a two-level indoor flea market charging higher rent, to be called "El Gran Mercado." The piece was by a new reporter for the Villager and we have seen nothing in print anywhere else about this place. The developer is from Pakistan.


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