Saturday, August 07, 2004

Washer tournament

Up on Burnet in the midst of industrial buildings in the 9000-numbered address range, there was a custom banner in yellow, with black lettering and a graphic of a large hand, some whoosh marks, and a washer even larger in scale than the hand, coming right at the viewer. The occasion was the "C. Hunt washer tournament," and another sign said "for friends of C. Hunt." There wasn't time to ask about the event, which was in full swing, and no camera along to record the sign. Was this a benefit for C. Hunt? Does C. Hunt preside weekly or annually over a washer tournament at this location? This was washers only, no horseshoes. How many of us have reported to someone who doesn't like the help to leave at the end of the day until there's been some horseshoe pitching in the name of solidarity? Here's one. And MPG always wants to play quoits. What these have in common, it appears, is that they're all tossing or pitching games for the semi-sedentary. The next time we're that far north of the river, we must remember to check out the C. Hunt washer tournament again.


At 12:23 PM, September 08, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

C-Hunts has a tournament every tuesday night at 7pm. The entry fee is $10 per team and it is double elimination. They've got a nice lighted pit area (5 pits). Sometimes Bombat Washer Co. sponsors tournaments there, they're a company that makes really cool washers with graphics on them. Check them out at as they also post tournament info for the state and some national info.

see you at c-hunts!

At 3:57 PM, September 08, 2004, Blogger Rantor said...

Many thanks for taking the trouble to convey this information! Austin's so full of mysteries, but there's always somebody out there who has the answers. You don't happen to know what happened to the Davis Hardware giant hammer sign, do you?


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