Monday, July 24, 2006

FIFO intentions

The pantry is now rearranged for optimal first-in, first-out inventory (or should we say "supply-chain") management. I hate it when some commodity is restocked when there's no need and when some canned good must be tossed because the expiration date has passed. Waste is criminal. I note that, when the temperature goes up, the rate of consumption of baking powder declines. After enjoying the cheapo breakfast option at Four Seasons, I can declare that the biscuits there, although very nice, do not compare in lightness and flakiness to those at the Frisco. I don't like cream (the advent of homogenized bottled milk was wonderful!), but I was surprised that nobody was taking advantage of the biscuits, generous selection and supply of berries, and provision of cream to make themselves up some berry shortcakes.


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