Thursday, July 20, 2006

Never the credit deserved

Styles of musical arrangement change over time. I particularly dislike the over-bright and -brassy orchestral arrangements of the 1950s, for instance, with that little touch of Aaron Copland crossed with an influence of Stan Kenton. I've never loved the voice of Vicente Fernandez, but he has an impeccable touch in selecting music and the arrangements are always sumptuous, no matter what the style: banda, mariachi, orchestra, or any combination of the foregoing. I used to buy these albums at J.R. Reed music downtown, which also stocked lots of vocal music of every sort, including albums of lieder. Columbia International DIL-80504 (Mientras Ustedes No Dejen De Aplaudir) is from 1990, though, and I think that the store was gone from Congress by then. This is out on CD. I think that Sed was the biggest hit from this recording. I see that the CD contains the tracks from another album and so includes the Payaso song, probably the version with the demented laughter.


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