Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Touting a tool

Somebody in this household leaves paper of all sorts in pockets of garments to be washed. This combines with lint to form a sort of papier mache. The clothesdryer is used seldom for drying, but laundry is air-tossed in it for ten minutes or so to shake out the wrinkles before being dried outdoors on the clothesline or indoors on a rack or on hangers. The lint-paper substance cannot be sucked out of the compartment where it gathers; a vacuum cleaner will not do it. When the screen must be forced into the compartment, it's time to bring out the giant tweezers. The grip is strong. I love the skinny bendy brushes from Home Trends, also, for cleaning all sorts of things. This outfit is as much fun as Vermont Country Store or Oriental Trading Company.


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