Wednesday, September 27, 2006


These are empty:
Pomander, by Caswell-Massey
Bigarade, by Nina Ricci
Epices, by L'Aromarine
These are not:
Eau de Toilette Orange, Santal et Petitgrain, by L'Aromarine
Number Six, by Caswell-Massey
Florida Water, by Laboratorios del Pueblo
Bellodgia, by Caron
Coriandre, by Jean Couturier
Bowling Green, by Geoffrey Beene
Hungary Water, by Crabtree & Evelyn
Hoyt's Cologne, by the Hoyt Co., Memphis, Tennessee
Rose Geranium, by Floris
Plenty of perfumers are copying Bowling Green these days. I still use for other purposes the corrugated cardboard cylinders in which the bottles originally were packaged. Hoyt's came from Kash-Karry, and I've also seen it at Fiesta and, long ago, at the old Grove Drug; from time to time, the Vermont Country Store has carried it. I'm going to be very sad when the last Hungary Water is gone. I've always believed that this is helpful for returning to sleep once awakened. Before it had a screw-on top this smellum used to be stoppered with a cork. I always saved the bottles for holding flowers. I don't know what I'd do if Rose Geranium ever ended production. It's a very subtle scent, with a touch of smokiness. Rose geranium essential oil, which is quite expensive these days, doesn't come close. Since it's been in manufacture for so long, I suppose that it will continue on. At the Floris shop, change is returned on a small cushion. The employees in the tiny shop may even wear white gloves.


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