Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cake-pan mysteries

An 8-cup tube pan to replace the old dented one that now has twins appearing in magazine food photographs as a vintage prop has yet to be found. The Nordic Ware site was even mysterious about sizes the last time that I checked but just recently sent a handsome mail-order catalogue that does include capacities: they're just about all 10-cup pans, it turns out. What with one obstacle and another, All-In-One Bake Shop has yet to be visited. It has a mysterious Web site also. I'm thinking every day now about the first Breton chocolate pound cake of the season. We still have windows open and fans in them, but the oven has been in use recently for pork-loin roasts, meatloaf, broiling fish, and baking homemade pizzas and dinner rolls. I wonder whether it's possible to use a 10-cup pan for an 8-cup recipe. I don't really see why not, but I'm not sure. Getting the old pan to release is tricky and one of these cakes baked in a loaf pan tastes just as good but isn't nearly so handsome.


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