Thursday, October 05, 2006

Surprising perennial

Naturtiums are not annuals where there's no killing frost. We were looking up more about them after seeing photographs of banks and banks of spilling blooms in a photo feature about some rich somebody's little adobe hacienda in Marrakech. This makes K. all the more eager to learn about Xalapa. Since the volunteers are popping up all over in the ground and in pots, I pressed some seeds into various pots hanging on fenceposts, so that there'll be some successors to the hyacinth beans, melons, and cucumbers now growing from those pots and twining in the hardware cloth. We buy naturtium seeds wherever we find them, especially if they're the old climbing or trailing sort. The quality of Burpee's seeds surpasses that of other companies, and Burpee has those great Fordhook nasturtiums. For some reason, the Alaska varieties don't do well for us here.


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