Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Confirmed: one down

the on-line Chron explains why we haven't seen or heard the KXAN helicopter of evil around lately. The equivalent news director is gone as well. He used to sneer at people who called or wrote to complain about living with the accursed helicopter permanently stationed overhead for hours. A good example would be on the occasion of a fire: once the flames and smoke and fire equipment on the ground have been captured for the viewers out there, why linger? A low and slow or stationary helicopter makes incredible amounts of noise, rattling every windowpane and dish around. The APD equivalent has been in the air less, lately, perhaps because of fuel costs; getting rid of that would go a long way in the money-saving department, not to mention aiding the sleep-deprived. Some nights, it goes over extremely low and slow, complete with intrusive downlight, waking many, if one's to believe the evidence of lights popping on in all directions, making a like pass in the opposite direction just as everyone's settling down again.


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