Monday, October 02, 2006

Department of yuck

Barring buying masa and patting it out and putting it on the comal yourself, there's no purer corn tortilla in town than El Galindo, just lime, corn, and water. There's no sugar, no dough conditioner, no preservative. El Galindo wheat tortillas haven't been that pure in a long time; both versions, nevertheless, are better than those of others. Recently, it's been tough to find any El Galindo outside Kash-Karry and a couple of other places. H-E-B gives El Galindo the poorest shelf-placement there is, making the old faithful squat down and reach back on the bottom-most shelf. Wheat tortillas, either "Home Style" or "Mexican Press," have usually been easier to find than the corn ones. We were unsuccessful this weekend, though, and tried H-E-B house wheat. Ewwwww! They used to be better, I think, but now they're really laden with the good stuff and exhibit an odd sort of puffiness on the comal. Next, we'll try El Milagro wheat, but that ingredient list even includes sugar, upon closer inspection.


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