Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's not

It's not peacock blue. It's closer to robin's egg blue. It's Tiffany blue. The color used to cover pasteboard boxes in which items from Tiffany are packaged has its own Pantone number. It's trademarked. I'm not sure where I very recently saw this color described as peacock blue. But I know where I saw an accessory described as a wood-handled purse or something like that: it was in the local daily, in the fashion section. The object was a vintage Bermuda bag. Some junk domain-name-squatter has actually registered "" I notice that there are a lot of copies of Pappagallo shoes out there, the most popular style of which was itself a copy of the classic Belgian shoes design. The horrible ones with the big flower were virtually twinned for a while to be sold by the Talbots people.


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