Sunday, October 08, 2006

Department of miscellany

Yesterday morning on Univision TV there was a replay of the "debate" of gubernatorial candidates in Spanish translation. Too bad we didn't hear about this in time. In this format, it might have been bearable to watch and certainly would have been fun to check out. File under "Department of Tardiness." Our carrier brought us last Saturday's undelivered newspaper; despite all promises of the local daily's circulation department, no copy has been brought to our door. File under "Department of Told-ya-so." Or maybe it belongs filed under "Department of Tardiness." An unlisted telephone number isn't as unlisted as all that. Caller i.d. will show the name of the caller. It may be time to go "listed" again. When we have a telephone, we usually do this under the name of a minor Dickens or Trollope character. The off-directory cost keeps going up. File under "Department of Modern Communications."


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