Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sing it to this tune

Every song has an alternative set of lyrics. When people start going on and on about electronic Spam, I just figure they're slow readers. It's tempting to break into a chorus of "I'm My Own SpamCop" set to the tune of "I'm My Own Grandpa(w)." It just seems to be so much faster to scan the in-box headers and delete, delete, delete. The programs let through a lot of rubbish and then often toss legitimate correspondence into some junk or delete folder where it sometimes takes a long time to be found. And why the anti-Spam programs can't deal with e-mail from the Yahoo groups or listservs and periodically block everything from them is a complete mystery. This wastes so much admin time in "unbouncing" people. Here's a hint for the clueless: never send e-mail to a friend headed "hi." It will surely be switched onto the electronic highway to nowhere and may never be caught.


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