Thursday, October 19, 2006

Maintenance of way

On the return trip during the noon-hour back from PC Guru, at the grade crossing we saw a UP Hi-Railer, the first in a while and the first up close for a long while. As practically nobody seems to have the sense to do, we stopped at the crossing and let the truck go through. We waved and the driver, who appeared to be a woman, waved. This picture doesn't show the wheels well. This second photo, with lots of toolbox fitments, is better. The picture caption speaks of transferring materials, but most hi-railers are used to get to freight scales, bridges and the like, and to allow various sorts of inspection for maintenance of way. This UK Wikipedia article links to some close-ups. Once the Hi-Railer is properly aligned, the flanged rear wheels are usually dropped first. Anyhow, I'm glad we saw it (and also glad to find that PC Guru did so well by us).


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