Monday, October 16, 2006

Son of San Benito, El Be-bop Kid

San Benito has given many of its sons and daughters to the greater world. In Austin, sometimes it seems as though every fifth person was born in San Benito. Baldemar Huerta, or Freddy Fender, as the grateful world knows him, q.e.p.d., was also a child of San Benito. He and Doug Sahm are reported to have met for the first time as long ago as 1960, at a battle of the bands at a San Antonio drive-in. I've been playing the old vinyl. Wasted Days, and Until the Next Raindrop as well, are two of the very best car-radio songs ever. One of my favorites is "Desde te conozco (Since I Met You, Baby)." His was a voice like no other.


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