Friday, October 27, 2006


Whatever doesn't cost much or take up much space is difficult to resist if encountered in the "seasonal" aisle at the market. From H-E-B we came home with "The Everlasting Pumpkin Lite; safe, reusable & scary bright; great for lighting pumpkins and "trick-or-treat bags," as the package promises. I like the blurb on the back:

The last Halloween light you will ever buy!
No more re-lighting candles
No more risk of fire
Safer and brighter than candles
Easy to use and safe to handle
great for lighting "trick-or-treat" bags
Bulbs last 100,000 hours
Requires 3 AAA Batteries (Not included) [although the blister-pack has space to include batteries]
battery life 10+ hoours on steady mode, 20+ hours on flash mode

We'll use candles, thank you. I can't remember the price, but it was ludicrously low. These little items, which we acquired in white, red, and amber versions, were identified on their backs as FlareAlert battery-operated safety flares. It's disappointing that they lack the magnetic base that items sold as FlareAlert are described as having. They are really very bright, these alternatives to "the dangerous incendiary flares (also known as strike or fusee flares)," as the Web site says. These are the railroad or truckers' flares that we used to employ to light the yard on the Glorious Fourth. I see that outfits catering to law-enforcement agencies sell FlareAlerts. EPoliceSupply has a great, far more extensive blurb than the FlareAlert people themselves do. It's so reassuring to know that this product enjoys "Unlimited Applications!!!!!" and that it's "safe for virtually any use you can imagine." I'll always remember not to turn this product upside down in adverse weather conditions.


At 10:19 AM, March 14, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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