Monday, January 15, 2007

Orlando was stolen

My copy of Orlando, a 1960 Signet paperback, was bought at the crazy store of the grumpy man who also sold cut-outs and records that had been on jukeboxes. Someone disappeared my copy after I'd read it just once. Signets from that era are badly bound and always have loosened pages after a while, it seems, no matter how carefully they're treated. I read Richard Wright, William Dean Howells, Theodore Dreiser, quite a bit of Henry James, and a lot of Stendhal in translation at that time just because the editions were Signet, as well as whatever else that guy sold that was Signet. Courtesy of the library, we enjoyed Orlando, but it deserves a large screen, for its sumptuous costumes and jewel-like scenes, some of which were more successful than others. The greatest sequence, of course, was on the frozen Thames, as is true of the book, although we also enjoyed in particular the scene with the wits from the age of reason. We saw the previews for this movie but were for some reason unable to catch it in theatrical release. Even in miniature we found it well worth seeing.


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