Sunday, March 25, 2007

Still waiting

The species tulips are not to be seen thus far. There are leaves, but of the three or four varieties that usually perform very well, we've seen just one example of one kind: a single Lilac Wonder (tulipa bakeri). Nothing in the side yard, apart from Dutch hyacinths, grape hyacinths, ipheieon, pink oxalis, and quite a few geranium narcissi, has done well so far this year. In Mack's yard, the show-stoppers these last few days have been bright sulphur or saffron-yellow ranunculous flowers along with the continuing red-orange ones; and the red and red-and-white St. Brigid anemones are still showy. And this has been the best year for Thalia in ages. Alliums are past their peak. Fennel wintered over in the ground has just been loving this weather. Milkweed (the plain yellow variety) in pots is about to bloom. Our neighbor's spirea is the most spectacular we've seen, just made for the overcast days we've been enjoying.


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