Thursday, August 16, 2007

That pesky letter "e"

There's undoubtedly a study somewhere showing which are the most frequently struck keys on a keyboard. Certainly the letter "e" must be right up there, if it's not number one. In my experience, the keyboard outlasts the CPU, but I was starting to think that such would not be true in my case. The "e" and "r" combinations were being transposed, suddenly. The usual remedies weren't working (removing the board and plugging it back in, moving it to another USB port, blowing dust out, turning it upside down, etc.). Just pressing the bad key and letting it make a couple of hundred repetitions of the letter "e," however, for some reason seems to have restored proper "e"-ness, at least temporarily. A bad key is a terrible annoyance for somebody who types (or "enters") at a very high rate of speed and accuracy and then looks only at the end and only to find that there's "e"-trouble everywhere.


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