Friday, November 23, 2007

Gone but not forgotten

A lot has been written in honor of Hank Thompson, whose music will live so long as there's a working jukebox, a working dance band, or somebody to sing or hum it. I've always been partial to Humpty Dumpty Heart. I've found only one mention of Fletcher Boone, who has also been translated to a higher plane of existence. We loved the old Raw Deal on Sabine. It was a great place for the hungry late at night, back when everything rolled up much earlier in the evening: steak cooked just as ordered, with good beer and good French fries. It was always lively and a great place to get in out of the cold, or out of the anything. I don't think it was heated, other than by the grill, and it probably wasn't cooled, either, other than by fans. Conversation was always general. I don't remember Mr. Boone specifically from those days, because everyone there just seemed like one tiny molecule in a larger vital organism, but I was later acquainted with him in a day-job environment and always liked him a lot. There are people who in their lifetimes were responsible for bringing a lot of happiness to a lot of people. They will not be forgotten.


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