Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spicy love

It's black pepper, discovered at the H-E-B. It's distributed by the Spicetime Div. of Gel Spice Co., Inc., of Bayonne, New Jersey. The package says "satisfaction guaranteed." The standard plain metal 4-ounce container has printing in black and in red and is embellished by a small red-and-white checkerboard pattern at the top and the bottom. The print on one side is small, but well worth the read. It says, "Try our chic-n-meat seasoning, soul seasoning, Italian seasoning, seasoned salt, garlic pepper seas., pizza seasoning, five spice seasoning, seafood seasoning, shrimp-n-crab seas., bacon bits, cinnamon sugar, curry power, try our other fine spices and herbs." The inventory list has adobo seasoning and cajun seasoning, as well. I love the list of bakery items, especially the everything mix (for everything bagels, I'd guess) and the item called "little bitties" and also "pokies." "Industrial" means "bulk."


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